web_hi_res_512.pngIsoKeys the isomorphic musical keyboard for Android

By David Randolph


IsoKeys has been acquired by Tuning Bell Studios. You should be redirected to the Tuning Bell site shortly.

IsoKeys is a free isomorphic musical keyboard. All intervals, chords, and scales have identical patterns, regardless of the key in which one plays. Similar in spirit to Musix for the iPad, IsoKeys provides a starter isomorphic keyboard for Android users. IsoKeys is polyphonic on devices that support multitouch.

Isomorphic (also known as "consistent-interval") keyboards are easier for many people to learn than piano keyboards. Theoretically, they reduce the time required to learn scales, chords, intervals, and arpeggios by more than 92%. This is because on an isomorphic keyboard, once the fingering for, say, an individual major scale is mastered, this same fingering pattern may immediately be used to play any major scale. Instead of 12 major scales to learn, isomorphic keyboardists need only to learn one. Instead of twelve minor-seventh chords, only one. Instead of twelve variants of any technical exercise, isomorphic keyboardist need learn only one.

Pianists, and many other instrumentalists, spend much time working on rudimentary elements like scales. Isomorphic keyboards promise to reduce the time required for you to move from beginner to expressive musician.

IsoKeys currently offers the following layouts:

IsoKeys delivers the power of isomorphic keyboards to all Android users. But patience is needed upfront. There are a lot of buttons, including redundant buttons, in IsoKeys. Take your time and let the patterns emerge.

IsoKeys is available through the Android Market.

Source code may be found on Sourceforge and is available under the terms of the GNU Public License (version 3).

If you are having a problem with IsoKeys, please open a ticket.

For more information about alternative keyboards, see the altKeyboards site.



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